Energy Light Rejuvenation

Energy Light Rejuvenation is where Inner Balance Leads to Outer Beauty

It is a well-established fact of human nature that people are more willing to spend dollars on how they look than on how healthy they feel. NOW, you can have both! Energy Light Rejuvenation has remarkable effects that rejuvenate the skin and brings the body into a healthy balance internally.

Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR) is the present and future of skincare technology. ELR was developed according to the time tested principles of Chinese Medicine. It works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body to address the underlying causes of visible aging by reeducating the muscles, encouraging collagen production, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, firming skin tone, improving skin texture, diminishing blemishes and breakouts, and minimizing puffiness.

More than a cosmetic procedure ELR is a revitalization process for the entire body. Because the acupuncture system connects the entire body, points on the face have connections to all other parts of the body. This connection has the ability to energize and activate not only the local region, but also promote whole body balance and health through this communication system.

An example of this whole body effect is with digestion. The stomach meridian has several points on the face. Facial rejuvenation uses these points to improve the face but these points are also affecting the stomach. The intelligence of the body directs this energy to the stomach to improve digestion.

Many people have reported:

  • Better and more restful sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Weight loss
  • Ankle swelling gone down

The meridians in the face connect to all of the organs in the body and the intelligence of the body decides where to direct the energy.

ELR is very much like going to the gym for your face. It takes 10-20 treatments to achieve maximum results. This is based on your age, skin condition, and lifestyle.

The optimal schedule is to have 2 treatments per week for the first 8-10 treatments then 1 treatment per week until you get the results you want. To keep the full effect going you will want to get a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Book your appointment with Innovations at (417)881-1881

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Myrlene Flaharty LAc., DNM, and CCWFN

These letters mean that she may be able to help you with other health concerns you have if you want help.

There are ways to enhance the face and body even more:

  • If you have had hormone imbalances these may be affecting your skin quality and wrinkling. Getting a hormone (saliva test) can be very diagnostic for your skin and the rest of your body.
  • Microdermabrasion or facial peel

Talk to Myrlene (Your ELR technician) about these to see if they are right for you. Inner Balance leads to Outer Beauty‚Äč


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